Fancy Handwriting Fonts

The best fancy handwriting fonts for your blog - trending fonts - calligraphy font styles
Fancy Handwriting Fonts for your blog

Looking for fancy handwriting fonts to add to your blog post or Pinterest pin? Well look no further, as I have found a collection of beautiful calligraphy font styles and the best handwritten fonts you would want to own right now.

Just adding these trending fonts to your site or pin could make all the difference in traffic numbers! No-body wants to see boring fonts anymore. The more up to date and trendy the fonts are the more likeability you will get from readers and viewers.

There is obviously a huge range of fonts available by a multitude of suppliers, but I have chosen 12 of my favourite beautiful fancy handwriting fonts to showcase for you today from The Hungryjpeg:

Hungryjpeg Butterriver FONT for blogs & wedding stationery
Butterriver Font

Butterriver Font

This is a NEW font with a modern calligraphy twist. It has sophisticated accents which is perfect for blogging, wedding invitations, brands & logos and card-making. This font includes uppercase and lowercase letters, multilingual symbols, numerals, punctuation and ligatures. Each lowercase letter has a beautiful swishy finish. Get it here.


Allegory Script Font for blogs and websites
Allegory Script Font

Allegory Script Font

Well, the big day has arrived! ALLEGORY is a font created with the same brush as United Scripts, and follows along with the same style and bounce of the United Scripts names. The base alphabet starts out fun, but then to make things even more exciting, I’ve added in over 65 ligatures and over 100 alternate letters so you can add variety and flourish to your design. (And of course, everything’s PUA-encoded for super easy access!)


Farmhouse handwritten font for blogs & wedding stationery
Farmhouse Font

Farmhouse Font:

A beautifully elegant calligraphy font specially created for projects that need a touch of elegance! Perfect for wedding stationery, blogs, Pinterest pins, titles, signatures, letterheads, labels, branding and card-making. Take a closer look at this font here.


Deliciously handwritten font for blogs & menus
Deliciously Font Duo with doodle set

Deliciously Font & Doodle Set:

This is a delicious modern script font which is suitable for many projects! From menus to thank-you cards, this font contains a full set of upper and lower case letters, punctuation, numerals, multilingual support and 41 doodles for fun. Suitable for logos, branding, quotes or product packaging & labels and of course, your Pins and foodie blog posts! Grab it here.


Graceful handwriting Font for blogs
Graceful Bouquet Font & Clip Art

Graceful Bouquet Handwritten Font & Clip Art:

Another stunning font with a lot of features including a watercolour set of elements which can be used to create new compositions. Take a look at this pretty font here.


Laura Worthington Script & Font Bundle for blogs and wedding stationery
Laura Worthington Bundle LIMITED OFFER EXPIRES 24TH MAY

Laura Worthington Bundle Set – Was $344 NOW $20 until 24 May 2018

These are the fonts and scripts included in this bundle –> get them NOW!

Laura Worthington Fonts and scripts for blogs and wedding stationery


Jacklyn Script Font Signature Collection for blogs stationery logos and brands
The Jacklyn Signature Collection

The Jacklyn Signature Font Collection:

Isn’t this a pretty font? This font is modern and sophisticated, perfect for branding & logos, photography & portfolios. A very classy script font. Get it here.


Lile Dahliya Classic Calligraphy Font for wedding stationery and blogs
Lile Dahliya Classic Calligraphy Font

Lile Dahliya Classic Calligraphy Font:

Okay, this is one of my absolute favourites! It is a classic font with a modern element, especially suitable for wedding stationery, book covers, cards, branding, logos, business cards, certificates and anything else that requires a classic & elegant formal look. Simply luxurious. Get this beauty here.


Natsuki handwritten script font for blogs and stationery
Natsuki Handlettered Script Font

Natsuki Hand Lettered Script Font

Here’s another beautifully modern handwriting font that will look gorgeous on your website or blog, in fact on all your designs. Perfect for wedding stationery, posters, business cards and of course, your Pinterest Pins! Hey and it looks great on t-shirts and cushion covers!

NATSUKI Font contains standard characters, lowercase, lowercase alternates, uppercase, uppercase alternates, numbers, punctuation, ligatures and international glyphs. And it comes in the following formats: OTF, TTF files and WEB FONT. Nab this here!


Merci Heart Brush Font for blogs pins and portfolios
Merci Heart Brush Font

Merci Heart Brush Font 30% off:

Perfect for design purposes! Magazines, newspapers, websites, posters, business cards to designer quotes or printables! This brush font is the one you need! AND it’s 30% off!


Bruselo Script handmade modern brush calligraphy font for blogs
Bruselo Script Calligraphy Font (40% off)

Bruselo Handmade Modern Calligraphy Font:

This is a modern and stylish smooth brush font using a soft fur brush! It smacks of class and elegance. Can be used for blogs and websites, titles, signatures, logos, correspondence, wedding stationery, letterheads, business cards, newsletters, posters, badges, t-shirts and the list goes on…grab it here at 40% off!


Font Bundle by Tommy James for bogs, wedding stationery and cards
10-in-1 Font Bundle by Tommy James

10-in-1 Font Bundle for $5:

This is no cheap-n-cheerful package! All the fonts included in this bundle are suitable for a multitude of projects, from wedding stationery, quotes, business cards, greeting cards, branding, logos, and >AGAIN< your website and blog! If you want a mix of unique and classy fonts at a discount, then this is the pack for you.

Well folks, that’s my 12 fave fancy handwriting fonts for you!

If handwritten fonts are not your thing, then please browse the variety of vintage & modern fonts & typefaces available from Hungryjpeg! You will be sure to find something that suits your theme and project requirements! Happy creating…

Until next time


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Fancy Handwriting Fonts for your blog - calligraphy font styles & handwriting script fonts & typefaces
Fancy Handwriting Fonts
Fancy Handwriting Fonts - The best fancy handwriting fonts for your blog - calligraphy font styles & handwriting script fonts
Fancy Handwriting Fonts




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