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List of Free Embroidery Designs

List of Free Embroidery Designs / huge list of beautiful machine embroidery designs for free

Huge list of beautiful machine embroidery designs for free

List of Free Machine Embroidery Designs

UPDATED JANUARY 2020. I have collated a list of designers from around the web that offer free machine embroidery designs for instant download. Each designer can be linked to directly from this post, where you can then browse their free machine embroidery designs and download them to your device.

Some are available to download in all formats, some only in the format you require. You may need to register on some of the sites before you can download the freebies, but registration is free.

If you know other designers that should be showcased here, please leave a comment at the end of this post so that I can add them to this list!

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica Home Page


Free Design from Creative Fabrica

This is a great site for creatives! They have lots of free embroidery designs, however some are time sensitive, so you must get them while they are free and before they revert back to their sale price!

They also sell many other items like patterns, crafts, tools for embroidery and fonts. Plus they promote freebies, discount deals and daily gifts! This is one worth browsing over as you will definitely find some stunning freebies to die for!

Embroidery Designs

Sign up for free to gain access to 1000’s of free embroidery designs! They do, however, have a weekly limit to the free downloads. You can download 3 per week for free with no purchase of anything, or 6/9 per week if you purchase other products.

They offer weekly discounts and updates on their newest designs. I have saved literally hundreds of designs from their site over the years!

Embroidery homepage

Embroidery Designs sample photo of designs (2)

Ann the Gran

This site is very similar to Free Embroidery Designs (above) and offers their designs on a pretty identical way too. 3 Free designs per week with no purchase of other designs or goods, then 6/9 per week if you buy goodies.

They also offer a digitising service and lots of special offers and deals. They also sell embroidery software for the more adventurous embroiderer too.


Ann the Gran home page

Ann the Gran Home Page

Ann the Gran Free Heart Designs

Ann the Gran: example of free floral heart designs

Again, this is a site full of embroidery designs, and currently only has one page of freebies. However, what’s lovely about this site is that they offer an Affiliate Program, so any embroidery-mad sewers out there who want to promote their site, can do so and earn some $$$ while doing what they love! You can Register here to become one of their affiliates! sample free design.jpg example of a free design

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea sample designs

When I wrote this post originally, this site was offering a handful of free designs, but has since removed them all. However, if you still wish to take a look at what they offer, please click on their name or image above.

Artistic Thread Works

Artistic Threadworks free flower design

Artistic Threadworks flower freebie

This site has over 30 000 designs and offers a Gold and Diamond Membership for die-hard embroidery fanatics. Sadly I don’t belong to any of their memberships but I do get regular FREE designs sent straight to my inbox on a weekly basis!

These usually consist of a whole design set chosen from their archives which are super cute and usable! These are some examples sent to my email.

Appliques with Character

Appliques with Character logo

Appliques with Character is one of the cutest sites I’ve found in a long time. It is based mainly on Disney characters and the embroidery designs are simply adorable! There aren’t many freebies, but seriously, the designs are cheap enough!

There are designs for boys and girls of all ages! The creator has been sewing for over 10 years and loves embellishing her projects with Disney characters. She also offers a design service, so if you need something created specially, she will be happy to digitise for you. Her shop is worth browsing for sure!

Appliques with Character smiley face design

Appliques with Character smiley face free design

Embroidery Online

Embroidery online logo

Here you will find beautiful designs for FREE, along with designs for quilting, in the hoop, freestanding lace and OESD stabilizers. This site is a must. I have a stunning range of designs that I have collected over the years.

Embroidery Online free designs

Free Designs on Embroidery Online logo

Next, there are tons of freebies on this site! And they are, again, just beautiful. I’m beginning to sound like a ‘stuck record’! This site offers page after page after page of free designs for domestic use, as well as great prices for new and trending themes. They offer a digitising service as well. Below are examples of the type of free designs available here…

Volkswagen bus free embroidery design free design

I love the forest free embroidery design free design

Eye free embroidery design free design

Julie Hall Designs

Julie Hall Designs

Julie Hall Designs has 18 pages of free designs for all sorts of projects. Take a look at the examples below.


Julie Hall free designs

Julie Hall free designs


Bunny Cup Embroidery

bunnycup embroidery logo

This is one of my all time favourites! You get free design SETS on this site! And they are super cute! If you sign up to their newsletter, you will get a weekly freebie sent to your inbox too.

Bunnycup Embroidery free designs

Bunnycup Embroidery free designs sets

Stitching Art

Stitching Art logo

There are some beautiful lacy and feminine designs here, perfect for gifts or wedding décor. I have succumbed and downloaded some of these to add to my (already huge) collection! Their designs are on one freebie page, so you just need to keep scrolling down to browse them all. Just take a look at this stunning example:


Stitiching art rose design

Stitching Art free design

Smart Needle

They have a small freebie collection, but what they do have is top class. Very detailed designs; no-one would ever know it was a freebie! Isn’t this lovely:

I love embroidery free design

Smart Needle free design

Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

Kreative Kiwi Embroidery logo

Based in New Zealand, we sell our designs to machine embroiderers like you from all over the world! From applique to filled in designs, in the hoop to quilted, we would love you to join our embroidery family too!

Kreative Kiwi free designs

Kreative Kiwi free designs


SWAK embroidery free designs offers thousands of machine embroidery designs for your home or commercial embroidery machine. Find a variety of machine embroidery designs including applique, filled, red work, free-standing lace (FSL), and in-the hoop (ITH) projects. All machine embroidery designs are available via instant download. Learn new techniques and projects in their Tutorials section of the site.


DMC logo

DMC free designs

DMC free designs

They have a whole range of free embroidery patterns for you to choose from. With a huge variety of themes, designs and color combinations, you’ll have an endless list of options to choose from!

Embroidery Garden

Embroidery garden free designs

Embroidery Garden free designs and projects

Find various free designs and projects on this site for instant download.

Embroider This

Embroidery this free designs

Embroider This free designs

They currently offer over 200 Free Machine Embroidery Designs for you to download and stitch on your Embroidery Machine and more are added each month. By signing up to their newsletter, this will keep you informed about new products, new free designs, sales and specials!

Embroidery Library

Embroidery Library free designs

Emb Library free designs

Another super-duper site with beautiful designs for free!

Tools & Supplies:

Need supplies? Please click on the images below to be re-directed to (if you purchase anything from Amazon through any of the following links, I may be paid a small commission as a thank you, at no extra cost to you)

Embroidery Machine

Brother PE800 7x7 embroidery machine

Embroidery Hoops


Stabilizer Sheets

Tear away machine embroidery stabilizer backing 100 precut sheets

Embroidery Threads

New brothread 40 brother colors polyester embroidery machine thread kit



The Sewing Machine Embroiderer’s Bible


The Sewing Machine Accessory BibleThe-Sewing-Machine-Accessory-Bible-Get-the-Most-Out-of-Your-Machine-From-Using-Basic-Feet-to-Mastering-Specialty-Feet


Buy Designs:

250 000 Character Embroidery Designs 




Okay folks, that’s it for today!

I do hope you have enjoyed the designers I have featured. If you have any comments please add them below! Or contact me on my Contact form and I will aim to get back to you within 48 hours!

If you loved my post then please show your appreciation by subscribing to this site!

Until next time,


List of Free Embroidery Designs - 1000's of free machine embroidery designs - beautiful machine embridery designs

Huge list of free embroidery designs from over 12 designers

List of Free Embroidery Designs - 12 designers with 100,000's of free designs - beautiful machine embroidery designs for free

List of Free Embroidery Designs

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  1. Another good site for freebies in Kreative Kiwi. I have stitched several of her designs and they are so cute. Also cute appliqué design a lot for free.

  2. Hi I’m also new to this. I don’t know how to get the logo to my masjien to start to embroid it. Thanks you for your free designs. I love it. That ‘n beatyfull

  3. Very very new to embroidery by machine. I bought a machine last year. Not used it, it intimidates me but I know once I start I will love using it. very happy found your site, now I can start collecting designs. Thank You

  4. How do I get the designs on to my computer to my embroidery . Step by step directions if I can,plz ty .. I’m very new at this and computer stuff . I wuld like to purchase some also after I learn how to receive them . Thank you very much.

  5. Excellent, I am crazy about freebies, makes live so much easier. Only problem unto now was: where to get all this freebies, but with you help it should be much easier. Thank a million, please keep me updated. Ria

  6. Brwing relatively new to embroidery, I’ve been looking for a while for free monogram, designs and ideas for my machine. This is a FABULOUS gift you’ve shared with us. Thank you so much! Wishing you loads of fun in the future.

    • Ah thank you Mischa! I am glad you have found my post useful!! I have tons of free designs stored on my laptop that I have collected over the years. You can really build a comprehensive library of designs just from collecting the free designs offered by those amazing designers showcased in my post. Enjoy and I wish you years of happy embroidering!!! Regards, Jacqui

    • Hi Brenda, No you don’t. Some of the free designs may require that you sign up to their site (Free) but each of those designs featured are free, without purchase. Happy stitching! x

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