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A few facts about the Author:

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The Gill Family

My name is Jacqui Gill and I live in Kent, UK. We are a close-knit home-schooling family and enjoy spending time together.
FACT 1: We all have a South African accent!
FACT 2: My daughter Skye is 17 and is in her 2nd year Environmental Science Degree with the Open University…yip, she’s 17! That’s what home education can do for you!
FACT 3: We are super lucky people to have a husband and father who works from home everyday, 365 days a year!!
FACT 4: I have a law degree, which I completed in 2016!
FACT 5: My son, Troy (nearly 13 years old) knows more about computers than I dare to imagine…again, all because of home schooling!
FACT 6: Skye used to do ballet, contemporary and jazz dancing but has given that up for ice-skating!
FACT 7: My husband, Paul and I met in 1991, that’s like…27 years ago…(whaaaat?)
FACT 8: Troy has the biggest heart in our family.
FACT 9: We have two cats and five chickens. Our kitty in the picture (KC) was shot last year by thugs on the farm. BUT he survived! (Happy outcome)
FACT 10: I am an ultra-super patient person! Great for home schooling…hehe
FACT 11: Mum and daughter are both arty and crafty…I love sewing and crafts, and Skye loves to sing and draw
FACT 12: Troy is into his gadgets, Xbox, Photoshop, music and keeps a super-tidy bedroom!
FACT 13: My hubby is a biker in his spare time (in our day we used to ride together!!) and still cruises around on his Harley during the summer months

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