FREE: Family of Slippers Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Sew a Family of Slippers

Sew a Family of Slippers -

Sew a collection of booties and slippers for everyone in your family with this free pattern which you can download here. (Download File 1 and File 2)

Years ago (2005!) I was a contributor for a very well respected sewing magazine in the UK called Sewing World.

In this edition, I designed and made these soft and cosy slippers and booties for the whole family.

DocFile (6).jpg

Sizes included in the pattern are: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, junior 8-12, adult 5-8.

Make this adorable gingham pair for baby or teddy!

Cosy Toes Tutorial - Little red booties -

If you have a spare hour and want something cute to create with your scraps, make a pair or two of these adorable booties! For the rest of the family, we will call them ‘slippers’! Everyone will love them…from babies, to tots, to mums and dads, even grans and granddads too!

I know it’s still early in the year, but it’s never too late to start thinking about handmade Christmas gifts. Or make them for your craft stall! The pattern is super easy and the tutorial is in step-by-step format and easy to follow.

Make a cute bunny pair!

Cosy Toes Tutorial - Bunny slippers - (2)

When printing off your pdf all-in-one tutorial & pattern, you will see that the pattern needs to be enlarged by 166% on a photocopier. You can do this by using a printer that allows you to make photocopies. Most printers allow you to make copies these days! You should be able to change the copy size before you copy them. 

Make an entire collection for the family!

Cosy Toes Tutorial - family of slippers - (2).jpg


Until next time,

Supplies you may need for this project include:

Polar Fleece - Spots
Polar Fleece Fabric from Amazon


Bubble Fleece
Soft bubble fleece from Amazon


Teddy Bear Cuddle Fleece
Teddy bear cuddle fleece fabric from Amazon


Sheepskin Sherpa Fleece
Sheepskin Sherpa Fleece fabric from Amazon


Cream Polar Fleece
Cream Polar Fleece fabric from Amazon


Dressmaking Fabric Shears
Dressmaking shears and snippers set from Amazon


Cotton Threads 100% polyester
100% cotton polyester threads for sewing, from Amazon


Brother Sewing Machine Metal
Metal Brother Sewing Machine, available from Amazon

See more basic supplies in my Supply Shop HERE

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