5 Ways to elevate your social media presence

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5 Ways to Elevate Your Social Media Presence

Your social media presence can make or break your business success. In this post, I will discuss 5 ways to elevate your social media presence which will enable your readers to have a more consistent and positive experience with your business when interacting with your site.

When it comes to marketing on the various social media platforms, everyone wants in on the action. Social media marketing, on the surface, seems like a relatively simple concept.

“Just create your accounts on Facebook and Twitter, then upload some content and links, and you’re done.”

Setting up profiles and tweeting links are simple.

But that’s not all that’s involved.

Build your brand

Building your brand, so you have a broad reach and influence in your industry is a whole different story. Having a good, or even great, social media presence can help your business grow.

Unfortunately, this is really only possible if you can develop a large following and learn how to provide them with the content they want.


Have you taken all the necessary steps to get your name out there yet?

Have you set up social media accounts on all the major sites?

Do you have a routine for writing and posting content on a regular basis?

Are you interacting with your readers and sharing your information about your business on other sites?

If the answer is no to any of the above q’s then you need to fix that!

It is through this interaction that you will be able to build substantial relationships with your readers and elevate their opinion of your business.

If you are already using social media and answered yes to all the q’s above, with the hopes of growing your business, here are five ways to further elevate your presence on social media and gain the following that you desire to grow your business successfully.


1. Look for Opportunities for Discussions

When you are trying to elevate your social media presence, you have to look for opportunities to engage your audience in relevant and value-added discussions.

You need to ask the following questions.

• What is the current hot topic in your industry?

• Are their questions that are important to your readers / customers?
For example, if you’re marketing ice cream, you might ask the following questions.

• Do my customers prefer the traditional flavors like chocolate or vanilla, or do they like to get a little wild and get crazy flavours?

• What process do my customers use to select the perfect scoop of ice cream?

In this type of scenario, you could conduct a simple poll to get a better understanding of what the majority of your customers like.

However, it can’t always be about answering simple questions. Instead, you need to give your customers the chance to engage in the discussion.

Open-ended questions create better opportunities for you to participate in discussions and debates with your readers, more so than multiple-choice questions.

If you have a more complicated marketing campaign, you will have an equally sophisticated collection of topics that will provide you with the opportunity to keep your audience up and debating into the wee hours of the morning.

An added advantage is that every time one of your posts receives a comment, it increases the chances that they’ll see the next post. Ask questions about topics your readers understand enough about to be able to debate them!

2. Create Chat Times

The more significant your blog, the more difficult it will be to connect with all your readers on a personal level. Smaller blogs, however, can use the personal interactions that they have with their audience to increase reader satisfaction.

Choose one of the social media platforms and create an event or a hashtag that will give you the opportunity to chat with your readers.

During the event, provide them with troubleshooting tips and provide suggestions on how to make their experience with your website better. Ask them to provide you with questions, being sure to give them serious and thoughtful answers.

Setting up specific times to chat with your readers is a great interaction strategy because it gives your audience particular times when they know that they will be able to reach you.

As you plan your chat times, go in with a specific list of topics that you would like to discuss. However, don’t feel as though you have to stick to the list. Let your readers take the lead and discuss topics that are of interest to them.

If the conversation starts to falter, you can dive into your list of pre-planned issues to help get them re-engaged in the discussion.

3. Look at the Content that is Driving Interaction


The entire goal of being on social media is to engage with your readers and followers. So, you need to let them determine the type of interaction they want.

First, you need to look at what social media sites are getting the most engagement.

Are your readers and followers mostly interacting with you through your Facebook account or Twitter?

If you are using Pinterest, how many views are you getting on your pins?

What about your Instagram account?

Which social media sites do your followers care most about?

Regularly look at the content that you are posting on your social media channels, paying particular attention to which posts have received more or less interaction than usual.

What are the topics that are drawing out your followers and which ones are getting them to return to chat with other readers?


Any new announcement (like the launch of a new product or course) generates attention, therefore, ensure that you are prepared for the big reveal ahead of time to increase your reader’s excitement and create more interactions.

4. Tie in Blog Posts

For the most part, social media posts are intended to be relatively short. Every platform has a text limit, so there’s a minimal amount of information that you can share before the platform cuts you off and tells you that you are out of space.

Plus, even if you had an unlimited number of characters that you could work with, you don’t want to write more information than you are confident that your customers will read. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t share more extended content on the various social media sites.

Drive traffic to your site

Use your social media channels to drive more significant traffic to your website or blog.

Provide a compelling headline and one or two sentences as a teaser, plus a graphic from your post that will grab your audience’s attention.

You could ask a question that will tease your audience into visiting your site and reading your post to find the answer.

This will create in-depth interaction with your social media profiles and help to increase the amount of traffic to your blog.

Stock Images

5. Use Visuals

Visuals go together with social media like peanut butter and jelly

In fact, images are regarded as the most crucial tactic that you can use to optimize your content on social media.

It has also been shown that they get more engagement than text alone.

So, to start making a significant impact on social media, it is imperative that you start posting more images to your social media accounts.

However, not just any image will do.

Posting generic stock photos will not be enough.

Some of the most shared and successful photos that you can post include:

  • Photos relating to your business and the people behind the scenes – team photos / event pictures / photos of your customers
  • Infographics – information you display in the form of a poster
  • Pin graphics – specifically for Pinterest
  • Quote photos

These types of photos all have one thing in common; you create them.

Be sure to brand custom graphics with your website name or blog logo so that your audience can easily trace them back to you.

There is always the potential of an infographic or selfie going viral and getting shared by thousands of followers, making it a quick and easy way to elevate your presence on social media!

Here is an example of 2 Pinterest pins of mine that went viral! (And still rising)

5 Ways to elevate your social media presence - viral pins on www.feedourlife.blog


Social media is most certainly the place for businesses, brands and blogs to show off.

As more and more websites begin to engage in social media, it is vital for you to up your game and outshine your competition.

Social media offers your business a platform that enables you to get in touch with your readers, followers and customers, and understand them better, allowing you to provide them with better service and deliver what they need.

Improving your social media presence and engagement is the key to earning more fans and followers, and ultimately, more money.

However, elevating your presence does take a lot of hard work and creativity. But by implementing these five techniques into your social media marketing strategy, you’ll start to get more exposure, broaden your reach, and build your brand.

It won’t happen overnight, but with time and dedication on your part, you’ll be able to gain the social media recognition your business deserves and you will ultimately reap the rewards.


Learn more and follow my blog today!

5 Ways to elevate your social media presence - learn how to use social media platforms to grow your website or business and outshine your competition!

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