Tutorial: How to Sew a Half Circle Skirt

How to sew a half circle skirt

How to sew a half circle skirt

Learning to sew a circle skirt is actually easier than you think. After making circle skirts for years in my dressmaking business, I have incorporated them into evening gowns, wedding dresses, casual wear and so much more.

The pattern is so adaptable, you won’t want to sew any other type of skirt!

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In this tutorial

Melissa from Polka Dot Chair will show you how to make a half circle skirt which uses less fabric than a full circle and which is easier to cut!

Circle skirts are really easy to make, I’ve made a few for my daughters this summer and am excited to make a few more to donate.” – Melissa at Polka Dot Chair.

Get this fantastic tutorial and learn how to sew a half circle skirt here!

Melissa from Polka Dot Chair teaches you how to sew a half circle skirt

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Circle skirt dress made by feedourlife.blog
I made this party dress for a client using the circle skirt which I added to the bodice. It twirls so beautifully!


Fabric ideas for this project:

Hey, I managed to find the exact fabric used in the tutorial for you to purchase if you want your skirt to look the same as the finished garment in the picture!

Cotton challis birch floral fabric by the yard periwinkle
Buy the same fabric from Amazon by clicking right here!
Minerva crafts strawberry floral print polycotton dress fabric light blue per metre
This fabric is just too adorable not to make into a cute skirt! Click here to get it from Amazon!

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