Tutorial: How to Sew a Curved Hem

How to sew a curved hem

How to sew a curved hem

“Whether you’ve been sewing for a while or you’re just starting, if you’ve ever tried your hand at making a circle skirt or dress you know how frustrating is to get a nice looking curved hem with a neat, polished finish. This tutorial will teach you how to hem a circle skirt the very easy way, so no more frustration or ugly hemlines!

Learning how to sew a curved hem on a circle skirt or a dress is not only easy but enjoyable too and you’ll absolutely love the end result! It’s pretty tricky to fold and press and sew anything curved and it can get aggravated by the type of fabric you use. But once you get the hang of this method you’ll find that hemming a circle skirt is easy breezy!” – Petro from Easy Peasy Creative.

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Get your free easy peasy tips on how to sew a curved hem here!

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Fabric ideas for this project:

Vintage floral print poly cotton fabric by the yard
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Shabby chic rose floral printed fabric by the yard
Shabby floral rose print fabric available from Amazon. Click here to go to this fabric on Amazon.
Merchants double brushed poly jersey knit polka dot floral light blue fabric by the yard
Light blue polka dot shabby fabric also available from Amazon. Click here to go to this fabric on Amazon.


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