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FREE: 650+ Halloween Machine Embroidery Designs

I have listed all the sites where you can find Halloween machine embroidery designs! Browse and have fun preparing for Halloween!

If you are a designer and want to be added to this list, please contact me and I will add your Halloween designs!

650 Halloween machine embroidery designs 2

Embroideres.com – 42 Halloween designs (Click Here)

Example of designs from Embroideres Designs

There is no limit to the number of designs for instant download

EmbroideryDesigns.com – 460 Halloween designs (Click Here)

Unfortunately you are limited to only 3 freebies (without purchase) per WEEK!

The only issue with this site is that you can only download 3 free designs per week.

SWAK Embroidery – 25 Halloween designs (Click Here)

Example of designs by Swak!

There are some cute Halloween applique designs Here and Here, too.

Create a free account to add designs to your “Library” from where you can download them

Julia’s Needle Designs – 6 Halloween designs (Click Here)

Example of mixed designs from Julia’s Needle Designs – scroll to find the Halloween designs

For these freebies, you don’t need an account, just right click on the image to download the design. For the Halloween designs, you need to scroll down the page to find them!

Embroider This! – 14 Halloween designs (Click Here)

Example of designs from Embroider This

Easy to use site, just click on the image, and scroll down to download the design instantly!

Kreative Kiwi Embroidery – 25 Halloween designs (Click Here)

Example of designs from Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

Create an account to download these cute designs, or give your email address for them to be sent to!

GG Embroidery Designs – Only 4 designs (link to each below)

Click on the list below to go to each design:

There is only one downfall to nabbing these freebies. You are required to add a lot of personal information before creating an account. Seems a lot for only a few freebies.

Free Embroidery Design – 11 Halloween designs (Click Here)

Example of Designs from Free Embroidery Design.Net

You will notice that there are more than 11 Halloween designs but not all of them are not entirely “free”. The designs with the medal in the left hand corner means its “free” for Club members, which is a paid for service. The rest are properly FREE, and are easy enough to after creating an account.

Falcon Embroidery – 32 Halloween designs (Link to each below)

Example of Falcon Embroidery designs (Graveyard – link in list below)

Click on each of the designs in the list below to be directed to the download page:

There are 80 pages of simply awesome designs! I paged through all of them to bring the Halloween ones to you! NO Account necessary to easily download their designs!

Creative Fabrica – 6 Halloween Designs (Link to each below)

Creative Fabrica Bloody Handprint machine embroidery design – link 2nd in list below.

Creative Fabrica is not a very well known site but they do have some super machine embroidery designs! Not many Halloween ones though, but nevertheless, they are rather nice ones! You need to register to be able to download the free designs.

Bunnycup Embroidery – 3 Halloween Design SETS (Link to each below)

Little Ghost FREE machine embroidery design SET from BunnyCup Embroidery
Little Ghost FREE machine embroidery design SET from BunnyCup Embroidery

Bunny Cup is another easy to use site, where you can download freebie SETS with numerous designs in each. You don’t need an account either!

Oma’s Place – 2 Halloween Designs (Link to each below)

Free Scarecrow machine embroidery design from Oma's Place
Free Scarecrow machine embroidery design from Oma’s Place

Oma’s Place doesn’t have many freebies at all, and only has 2 Halloween themed ones. You need to register in order to download the designs.

Embroider New – 42 Halloween Designs (Click Here)

Example of EmbroiderNew free Halloween designs

There are some fabulous freebie Halloween designs on this site, similar to Embroideres.com (I think they’re affiliated to each other). You need an account and must add the designs you want to the cart before you can checkout and download them.

Hatch Embroidery – Halloween Projects (Click Here)

Free Halloween Embroidery Projects from Hatch Embroidery (Click on the heading to go to Hatch)

4-Hobby.com – 1 freebie (Click Here)

4-Hobby freebie for Halloween! Click on Heading to be directed to their site

It’s easy to download from 4-Hobby – they have different formats listed and you simply click on yours and the design automatically downloads. No need for an account.

Royal Present – 4 Halloween Designs (Click Here)

Freebie scary face ITH mask design from Royal Present. Click on the Heading to see MORE Halloween freebies.

They also have this scary ITH face mask design for free too! Go to it here.

There aren’t many Halloween designs but there are lots of other beautiful free designs for download. Please scroll through their list to find the Halloween ones. To download, you need to WAIT for the seconds to countdown, after which time you will have access to the download button. The file automatically downloads without an account.

Romney Ridge Farm – 3 Halloween Freebies (Click Here)

Free Halloween pack of 3 designs from Romney Ridge Farm. Click on Heading to go to the designs!

Brother USA – Various Halloween Freebies (Click Here to browse list)

Free Halloween sewing and embroidery patterns from Brother USA – click on the Heading above to browse their list of projects

Projects and designs download instantly without the need for an account.

Download this free conversion tool from Data 7 to convert any Embroidery format into yours!

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FREE: BOO Spiders Halloween Machine Embroidery Design

Free "BOO" Halloween machine embroidery design
Free “BOO” Halloween machine embroidery design


4×4 and 5×7

Source: Unknown


Download this free conversion tool from Data 7 to convert these formats into yours!

Disclosure: As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This costs you nothing, but for legal reasons, I must inform you that if you click on one of my links in this post, and subsequently make a purchase, I will earn a small commission for referring you to Amazon. So, if you go ahead and click through today and buy something, let me say a huge thank you!!

Why not stitch the BOO part of this design with glow in the dark thread?!!!

Glow in the Dark Simthread Machine Embroidery Thread (Amazon paid link)
Glow in the Dark Simthread Machine Embroidery Thread (Amazon paid link)