Kitchen Storage Solutions That Saved My Sanity!

We live in a little country cottage and have really battled with storage space in my small kitchen since we moved in 5 years ago. I finally put a line under it this month and added storage solutions that have made my year! I have no idea why I didn’t do it sooner! Take a look at my ideas…you might be inspired to fix your kitchen storage nightmares too!

FYI our cottage is rented and is very, very old, dating back a few hundred years. Hence, you will see in the pics, there are some decor painting mishaps (like on the pipes next to the sink) and the skirting boards next to the laundry unit! Anyone who lives in a rented property will know how hard it is to get it regularly painted or maintained!! Nevertheless, we love it here despite the outdated decor issues.

Firstly, I had nowhere to put my little spice jars, so I found these on Amazon and added them to the alcove above my stove. I actually bought 2 sets, and put them either side of the alcove. And for very little outlay. The two you see in the photo were just £17.84 from Spice jar problem solved. If you are from the US, this is a similar product that you can order from

Self adhesive shelves I added to my kitchen alcove above my stove for spice jar storage (bought from
Available from
Available from £17.84

I then looked around my kitchen and realised that I didn’t have much storage at all. I had wasted space right next to my stove – what could I add there? I found some narrow roll-out shelves where I put all the bits needed for cooking like utensils, oils and salts right next to the stove. The other shelves I use for rubber gloves (my husband hates cutting garlic or onions with his bare hands – he uses latex gloves like these ones), my fire extinguisher and all the other odds & ends. Get a similar trolley in the US from here.

I added a 4 tier slim slide out trolley right next to my stove for quick access to utensils and oils for cooking and it works like a charm! It was easy to erect but I find it a little wobbly when I pull it out to get items off the bottom shelves. Bought from Get the smaller 3 tier trolley here.
Available from £17.39

I then found another set of pull out narrow shelves for two other areas that were wasted. I use the one for laundry storage and the other for cereal storage. They are very well made and sturdy and very easy to erect. I prefer these slide out shelves to the one that I have next to the stove. It’s easier to pull out and feels like it’s made from better quality plastic. Plus it comes with little cubbies you can added to the shelves or leave them off. I have only used one cubby and a couple of hooks as I don’t really need them. You can get the exact same unit like this in the US from here.

This is a 4 tier trolley with extra hooks and cubbies – I bought 2 sets and used 5 of the shelves on this trolley and only 3 on the other one as it didn’t fit in the other narrow space as a 4 tier. It suits me perfectly that way and just shows that you can make them whatever height you require. Bought from
Available from £33.29

I also use under shelf space to store egg cups and other small glass bowls, kitchen towel and cups / mugs. I do not have a single cup inside a cupboard – they all have their pride of place under the shelves! I bought this under shelf storage basket (12.74 set of 2), the kitchen towel holder (£13.89) and the cup hangers (£8.98 for set of 2), from

I didn’t stop there! I also found a sink organiser which I absolutely love! It freed up the counter sink space immediately and it is possibly the best purchase so far! Here it is…

Available from for £20.99 (sale)
My favourite kitchen addition! It has saved me space around the sink and freed up my window sill for herbs and flowers!! You can buy my kitchen organiser from

Next, I had to organise the snack box! It used to be a plastic storage box that overflowed continuously. I decided to go for a double story unit and bought this one.

I bought this stackable wire storage basket set of 2 from for £16.99. I bought 2 sets and used the one for snacks and the other two baskets went under the sink!

Next I tackled the larder / pantry. It would always get jammed up with stuff because it just didn’t have the right shelving or storage in there. I would get so frustrated when I couldn’t find tins or cat food among the mess so I bought a set of 12 wire cubbies and its made a world of difference! These are them – and I would recommend only buying from Songmics – their product is robust, difficult to pull apart and very sturdy once erected. TIP – I used a pair of pliers to pull the wire squares into the connectors until I heard the click. Trying to do it by hand alone won’t work and they will pull apart.

I bought the white ones like this! Very sturdy and best value for money! They hold heavy tinned food without any problem. I actually bought loads of these for other parts of the house (bedrooms and craft room). Available from for £44.99

Well that’s my round up of storage solutions I found valuable in my small little kitchen. I hope this list will assist you in finding suitable solutions for your kitchen.

Take a look at other storage solutions that I have saved on my Pinterest Storage and Organisation Group Board!

Happy organising!


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