FREE Fox Themed Home Decor DIY Projects

I love foxes and found some inspiring FREE fox projects to add to your home. Just beautiful. Take a look at the projects below! There’s a mix of quilting, sewing, embroidery and crochet! Something for everyone…

#1 Fox Quilt Pattern from Schwinn & Schwinn – QUILTS

#2 Fox Ornament from Mommy Made That – SEWING

#3 Fox Fridge Magnet from Stitches n Scraps – CROCHET

#4 Fleece Fox Scarf by Pretty Prudent – SEWING

#5 Crochet Fox Pillow from Sewrella – CROCHET

#6 Fox Machine Embroidery Design – MACHINE EMBROIDERY

#7 Fox Brooch from Crochet Cloudberry – CROCHET

#8 Cute Fox Hand Embroidery Pattern by Yellow Birdhouse – HAND EMBROIDERY

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Happy Sewing, Stitching and Hooking!!!

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