Free Bumper Pattern Round Up Alert

Here’s to a new year! Many happy returns to all. I hope this year will be better than the last. As a family, we had a pretty horrendous 2021 with many difficulties and tribulations. However, we have overcome them and are looking forward to 2022 being better!

With that said, I know there are many of you out there who are finding the financial pinch harder than expected as a result of the Pandemic. Some of you may have even lost jobs. I sympathise!

I have put together some sewing and crafting freebies for your January, so enjoy them guilt-free! Use them to craft a new home business and sell online or just self indulge in creativity and update yourself or your home for the coming year.

The projects in this post are all external links and can be found on other bloggers’ sites. Please click on the heading or description below the images to be redirected to the various sites where you can view and download their designs.

A Rose Tinted World

I am starting off with a fantastic post from A Rose Tinted World – Jo has collated 23 projects using very few fabrics, to make easy goodies that can be sold for extra cash.

23 Great sewing projects from A Rose Tinted World – Click here

Apple Green Cottage

Apple Green Cottage is jam-packed with free sewing patterns for a variety of projects. Take a look…

There are over 100 free sewing patterns to be found at Apple Green Cottage! – Click here

Tiny Terrier

Sarah from Tiny Terrier has put together 20 adorable sewing projects for your best friend…if you love dogs, this one is just for you!

Click here to see these adorable pet projects!

Threads Monthly

Probably one of my favorite sites for freebie patterns is Threads Monthly – they have over 100+ free patterns for instant download. I love them so much I have a Pinterest Board just with their posts and patterns, so I invite you to follow the board for easy access to their freebies!

There are actually 100+ free sewing patterns to download – click here

On The Cutting Floor

On The Cutting Floor is another blog with some lovely patterns. They do charge for their sewing patterns, but also do roundups of freebies too. Although not all round ups belong to On The Cutting Floor, they have listed other sites where you can find the freebies they are showcasing…the one I’m featuring today is the 15+ Free Jumpsuit Patterns. Love to wear them or hate to wear them, a jumpsuit is a great seller nevertheless! Again, you can follow my On The Cutting Floor Pinterest Board for more sewing patterns!

On The Cutting Floor – Click here to view these free patterns!

Mums Make Lists

Mums Make Lists have collated over 50 gorgeously adorable free baby sewing patterns – this is a niche that certainly makes money so if you’re a mummy and want to make and sell, there are lots of cutie patterns to choose from…or if you just want to make for your baby, then that’s a super saver! Babies clothing is so expensive so make your own and save pennies right from the start of this new year!!

Mums Make Lists have collated a stonker of cute patterns – click here to view!

See Kate Sew

See Kate Sew thought of the Pandemic and came up with 8 Free Masks to Sew. There are a range of types and sizes in her post, which is great because we don’t always find mask patterns for the kiddos!

Make for yourself and family or to sell!! – Click here

Sewing Support

Sewing Support is another one of my all time favorite sites for freebie patterns! Please follow my Sewing Support Pinterest board for access to thousands of fabulous free patterns showcased regularly. This post I’m featuring today is for 50+ Fat quarter sewing projects to make. This means they use very little fabric and you can reduce the fabric left-over stash and make way for new fabrics for the new year!!

50+ projects using small amounts of fabric! Fabulous – click here!

Sew Can She

Sew Can She has found 35 Fast and Easy Tote Bag Sewing Patterns and written about them here. Browse her list for some super ideas for stitching up new bags for this new year ahead! And…do follow my Sew Can She Pinterest Board for updates on new patterns and tutorials added to her site! You will thank her (and me!) for it!! 🙂

Sew Can She has other fab projects too – click here to view this one!

On The Cutting Floor

On The Cutting Floor (again) – I couldn’t resist this post with 20+ free pin cushion patterns. What a fun way to change your sewing room space with easy peasy accessories like pin cushions, oh and you can make and sell these too!! (Follow my One The Cutting Floor Pinterest Board here if you have done so already!)

Browse these cuties by clicking here

I hope you enjoyed this round up of super fabulous round ups! Hopefully you will find some awesome projects to make for yourself or to sell online or at craft fairs. Either way, the pattern collection above is amazing, even if just collecting them for future use!

Happy Sewing!



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