FREE: Messages and Sayings Machine Embroidery Designs

Messages and Sayings Freebies!

This is my A-Z list of free Messages, sayings, signs, labels & tags machine embroidery designs.

38k files!

Please click on the links and you will be directed to an external site where you can download the designs. You may need to sign up to some of the sites before you can download free designs, while others allow you to download instantly to your device.

#1 Dad

#14 Farmers Market Hose

1-800 Gramma

1-800 Grammy

1-800 Grandmama

1-800 Mamaw

1-800 Mamere

1-800 Memere

1-800 Nana

1-800 Nannie

1-800 Nonna






1-800-MaMa by request



100% Cotton

100% Cotton

2 am, My crib

2 Much

+ 36

+ 4 x 4 – “Face” Embossed

4×4 Embossed “Wife”

99% Wool

99% Wool

A Haunting We Shall Go

A Matisse With Stars

A Princess Sleeps Here

A Princess Sleeps Here

A Round Tuit

A touch of Australia

A Touch of South Africa

ABC Poem 99 x 250mm

Abc Poem 136 x 222mm

Addicted to Fabric

+ Al Mustafa

+ Aldarwesh Designs

+ Aleppo 2000 Exploring

All Is Calm All Is Bright

All My Students

An Original by Michele – Multiples

An Original by Michele – Single

+ “And Let these gifts to us be blessed”

Angefertigt von Mama

+ “April Showers Bring May Flowers”

Ashlee name

Ashley’s Kitchen

Asian Symbols – Dream

Asian Symbols – Earth

Asian Symbols – Fire

Asian Symbols – Friend

Asian Symbols – Fun

Asian Symbols – Gold

Asian Symbols – Star

Asian Symbols – Strength

Asian Symbols – Think

Asian Symbols – Treasure

+ Asian Symbols – Treasure

Asian Symbols – Water

Asian Symbols – Wind



Baby Blanket Names

Baby Boy

Baby Boy

Baby Girl

Baby on Board

+ Baby Shower (Scroll Down for the Freebie)

Bah Humbug

Balanced Diet is a cookie in each hand


Bath 1

Bath 2

Bath 3



“Your name here” Kitchen



Be Me – If I am not myself …who will be me?



Beach Tag

Beach Tag or Patch

+ My Heart Only Beats For You

Because, I’m the Mom that’s why

Being a Mother

+ Believe Christmas Saying

Beware of Pirates!

Bite Me Tag

Bless This Kitchen

Bless You Tag

+ Bonita






Breakfast in Bed 106 x 89mm

Brock Script Mr.

Brock Script Mrs.


+ Butterfly






Chocolate Auditor

Chocolate Is a Veggie – it comes from a bean!


Chunky Dunk – I don’t skinny dip, I chunky dunk!

+ Class of New Brunswich Clothing School the First

Clean Up After Yourself

Clint – Make my day

+ Clothes Original Logo


+ Cobra Bakor

Companion Cube

+ Company Badge Ornament


Cool Ghoul

Count Your nights by stars…

Count Your garden by flowers…

+ Made for…with love by…- Country Garden Label

Cowboys Blanket Design

+ Craving Chocolate

Crazy 99 x 56mm

Crazy 129 x 74mm


+ CS Lewis Word Art Collection – 2 designs

+ Cute As a Bug (Scroll Down to bottom to find freebie)

Cute Logo – a flower for your thoughts 85 x 89mm

Cute Logo – a flower for your thoughts 2177 x 2266mm

Cuties Room

+ D.A.R.E.



+ Daisy Duck


Dear Santa

+ Dee-lish

+ Desperate Embroiderer (Scroll Down to bottom to find freebie)

Dinner’s on ME

Divorce 1 Doesn’t have to be ugly

Divorce 2 Is never funny

Divorce 3 You thought it was love

Divorce 4 The wedding was beautiful

Divorce 5 Worlds best diet

Divorce 6 The tears I cry

Divorce 7 I took the house, I took the car

Divorce 8 He wasn’t good he wasn’t nice

Divorce 9 Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Divorce 10 To keep you guessing

Do Not Disturb

+ No Entry Sign

Dog 143 x 67mm

Dog 79 x 59mm

+ Dreams of Heart

Dulces Suenos

Eek! I’m a Chocolate Freak

+ Electric

Embroidered by Mimi

Embossed Design Princess

Embossed Design Princess

Embossed Kitchen

Embossed Princess with crown

Embossed SAUNA

Embossed Topper/Hanger “Guest Towel”

Embroidered by Ellen

Embroidered by Grandma

Embroidered by Meme

Embroidered by Nama

Embroidered by Nana

Embroidered by Nanny

Embroidered by Nonna

+ Emergency Dial 911 design 1

+ Emergency Dial 911 design 2


Everybody Can Do Something

Ex Small Embossed Design BUTT

+ Expecting a Grandchild 77 x 102mm

Expecting a Grandchild 121 x 159mm

Face 79 x 60mm

Face 57 x 35mm

Family Garden – family is like flowers in life’s garden

+ Family Framed Sayings Collection – 2 designs

+ Fashion Rose



+ First Power

+ Flower For You

+ Flower Girls

Flower Power

Football 148 x 80mm

Football 99 x 80mm


For Father’s Day – Hugs for you on Father’s Day

For Father’s Day – For the World’s best dad

+ For Girls Only From B.F’ Ornament

For You With Love


+ Friendly Forever

Friendship 1

Friendship 2

Friendship 3

Friendship Tea

+ Fun

Galations 5:22-23

+ Galaxy (Satellite)

+ Garden Party


Generic Wedding Dress Label

Get Well Meganne


Girls 143 x 67mm

Girls 82 x 59mm

+ Girls Rule (Scroll Down to bottom of page for freebie)

Give Peas a Chance

God’s Reward 63 x 81mm

God’s Reward 124 x 101mm

+ I’m Going To Grandmas

Golden Years



+ Good

+ Good Cap

+ Good Heart

Good Luck Love & Happiness

Good Moms (1 Block Fonts)

Good Moms (2 Book Script)

Good Moms (3 Chancery Fonts)

Good Moms (4 City Script)

Good Mums

+ Good Night Kids

Gotta Go?

Grandchildren poem

+ Grandma’s Bugs! (Scroll Down to bottom to find freebie)

Grandma’s Honey Bunnie

Grandma’s Kitchen

Grandma’s Motto

+ Grandma’s Rules Are the Best! (Scroll Down to find freebie)

+ Groovy Teddy

Guest 1

Guest 2

Guest 3

Guestbook and Our Wedding

Gute Nacht

Gym 1

Gym 2

H2O 1

H2O 2







Happy Birthday

+ Happy Day with Heart

Happy Divorce-ary 99 x 99mm

Happy Divorce-ary 99 x 76mm

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Have a Happy Day Turkey

Have a Spooky Night

+ Hello

Here Comes Trouble

Hers 1

Hers 2

Hers 3 175 x 127mm

+ Hers 4 101 x 73mm

Hers 5

Hers 6

His 1

His 2 175 x 127mm

+ His 3 101 x 73mm

His 4

His 5

His 6

His & Hers



Holiday Blessing

Home Sweet Home

+ Hooray (Scroll Down page to find freebie)

Hot Glue – it’s like duct tape for women

Hugs & Kisses


I cook only with love

I Cooked My Butt Off today, PS you’re welcome!

I Didn’t Do It (Poppy)

I Didn’t Do It – Daddy

I Didn’t Do It – Grammie

I Didn’t Do It – Grandma

I Didn’t Do It – Grandpa

I Didn’t Do It – Nana

I Didn’t Do It – Nonna

I Didn’t Do It – Papa

I Didn’t Do It Grandma

I Didn’t Do It-Nana

I Didnt Do It (Mommy)

I didnt do it- Grandma

I Dress to Kill and I Cook the Same Way

The tassle’s worth the hassle!

I Heart My iPod

I Like Snow

+ I Like to Play


I Love Coffee

I Love My Big Brother

I Love My Big Brothers

I Love My Big Sister

+ I Love My Dog (Scroll Down to find the freebie)

I Love My Little Brother!

I love my little sister

I love my Nana

I Love My Poppie

+ I Love Sun

I Love U Bone

I Love You, Ti Amo, Ich Liebe Dich, Te Quiero

I Love You More Today

I planted Some Birdseed

I Sleep with Santa

I Spayed My Dog

I Was Made in USA

I’m a Boy

I’m a Boy too

I’m A Cutie tag

I’m a Cutie tag

I’m a Girl

I’m a Girl too

I’m Retired and You’re Not

I’m the House Keeper 1

I’m the House Keeper 2

If Mothers were flowers I’d pick you

+ If You Can Read This I Have Not Eaten Yet

Imaginary Friend 1

Imaginary Friend 2


It’s Christmas

+ Jar Labels – 3 designs

+ Joy


Joy Cross Stitch

Just Married

+ Just Bootiful

+ Keep Calm & Carry On (Scroll Down to bottom of page for freebie)

+ Ken for Men

+ Kid Talk 1 Collection – 18 designs

+ Kid Talk 2 Collection – 18 designs

Kids Are Often Spoiled

+ Kings Sports Junior Games

Kiss and Make-Up

+ Kiss Me I’m Irish


+ LA Petite Princess

Largo Md Biker Group

The ABC’s of Friendship poem

Last Time I Cooked

Laughter Is Carbonated Holiness

Let it snow 1

Let It Snow 2

Let’s do Lunch 5×7 & 4×4 – 102 x 103mm

Let’s do Lunch and Let’s do Lunch – 125 x 66mm

+ ABC – Let’s Go to School

Life Gets Messy Wear an apron

+ Life’s a Beach (Scroll Down to bottom of page to find freebie)

Life/Toilet Paper Analogy

+ Little Star (Scroll Down to bottom of page for freebie)

Live Love Laugh

+ Love 1

Love 2

Love 3

Love Is

Love Like Him

Love U Heart

+ Love You

Lovely 100 x 76m

Lovely L 164 x 125mm

+ Lovely Woman Cap

Low Fire Danger

Lucy’s Kitchen

Luggage Tag

M is for Mother not maid

Made by Adriana

Made by Angel

Made by Bridget

Made by Cheryl

Made by Cheryl

Made by Cindy

Made by Cookie

Made by Debbie

Made by Diana

Made by Diane

Made by Faron

Made by G-Ma

Made by Gammie

Made by Gandy

Made by Gandy

Made by Gramma

Made by Grammy

Made by Grandma

Made by Grandma

Made by Grandma Tag

Made by Grandy

Made by Granny

Made by Great Gramma

Made by Great Grandma

Made by Great Grandma

Made by J&J

Made by Jo

Made by Joann

Made by Julia

Made by Karen

Made by Karen

Made by Kathleen

Made by Kelly

Made by Madeline

Made by Mal

Made by Mama

Made by Mama Tag

Made by Mamaw

Made by Marsha

Made by Mary

Made by Mary

Made by Milly

Made by Mimi

Made by Mom

Made by Mommy

Made by Mum 78 x 71mm

Made by Mum 173 x 125mm

Made by Mum 171 x 119mm

Made by Muriel 86 x 60mm

Made by Muriel 79 x 76mm

Made by Nana

Made by Nancy 178 x 127mm

Made by Nancy 174 x 125mm

Made by Nancy 81 x 65mm

Made by Nanna

Made by Nannyboop

Made by Patricia

Made by Renee

Made by Ronda

Made by Sandra

Made by Teah

Made by Terre

Made With Amore

Made With Love

Made with Love By GG

Made with Love By Granny

Made With Love by Mom 121 x 85mm

Made With Love By Mom

Made with Love By Mum

Made with Love By Nana

Made With Love by the Hands of Anna

Made With Love Label

Majestic Bold Mr.

Majestic Bold Mrs.

Majestic Bold Ms.

+ Majestic Bold Mej. 99 x 92mm

+ Mej. 1 – Brock script

Mev. 1 – Brock script

Mev. 2 – Majestic Bold

+ Mnr. – Majestic Bold

Mnr. 1 – Brock script

Ms. (Brock Script)

Man cannot live on chocolate alone but women can

Marine Wife 1

Marine Wife 2

MaryAnn’s Kitchen

Maxed Out

+ Netball

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Design

Merry Christmas Y’All



+ Miss Sky Top Lady Fashion

Mom 1

Mom 2

Mom 3

Mom Tag

MOM With Stick Kids

Mom’s Cookin’

Mom’s Kitchen

+ Mom/Dad You Are a Star (Scroll Down to bottom of page for two freebies!)

Monster Mash

Moose Whiskers Creations

Mother Saying



+ Good Mums have sticky floors 1

Good Mums have sticky floors 2

+ Good Mums have sticky floors 3

My Daddy Loves Me

+ My Daddy- My Hero!

My Furry Friend

My Guardian Angel

My Weight is Perfect for my Height which Varies

+ My Kids Are Sharp!

+ My Little Darling (Toys)

My Mom Upside Down is WOW

My Mommy Loves Me

+ My Mommy- My Hero!

+ My Old Tooth

+ My Old Tooth (Scroll Down to bottom of page for freebie)

My Voices

+ Nana’s Rules Are the Best! (Scroll Down to bottom of page for freebie)

Natalie’s Kitchen

+ Nationality

Naughty or Nice?


+ New

+ New Friend

+ New Model

Nicky’s Kitchen

+ No Smoking 1


+ North Pole

Not Going Grey, going platinum

Nothing Yesterday 31 x 99mm

Nothing Yesterday 55 x 176mm

+ Nursery Rhyme Quilt

Old Enough to Know Better


On the 8th Day Eve Made Chocolate

+ Orange

+ Our (Scroll Down to bottom of page to find freebie)

Our Family


Ours 175 x 127mm

Ours 101 x 73mm


Pam’s Kitchen

Happy Mother’s Day

Pansy Poem


Part 1 of 3 of ABC Poem

Part 2 of 3 of ABC Poem

Part 3 of 3 of ABC Poem


Peace on Earth

Peas AGAIN 99 x 96mm

Peas AGAIN 114 x 110mm

Peas Again,,,Big Daddy


Plus Sign

Poem 1

Poem 2

Poem 3

+ Points For Fun

Pokemon Applique

+ Police

Pool 142 x 66mm

Pool 81 x 59mm

Pool Tag

Popcorn Kid in Training

Prince 93 x 88mm


Princess 1

Princess 2

Princess 3

Princess 4



+ Pro Shop

Punny Sheep

Punny Sheep #2

Punta’s Paw

Put the Chocolate in the Bag & No One Gets Hurt! 99 x 89mm

Put the Chocolate in the Bag & Nobody Gets Hurt! 99 x 99mm

Quilt label

Quilts Are like families 1

Quilts Are Like families 2

+ Racing Club Speedway


Relax! DAD is in Control


Retirement Looks Good On Me

Retirement Rocks!

Retirement Rocks!

Retro Tea or Coffee Design

Rich’s Kitchen

Roses Are Red


Santa’s Favorite

Santa’s Favourite

Santa’s Lap

Santa, I Saw What You Did


Say the Color – Brain Teaser 178 x 127mm

Say the Colors Brain Teaser 102 x 102mm

+ Sayings 1 Collection – 15 designs

+ Sayings 2 Collection – 25 designs

Screwed Up

Self-Cleaning Kitchen


+ Sevinder Sports

+ Sew Far Sew Good

Sewing Room Humor – Stay out of my sewing room and nobody gets hurt

+ Shop til you drop collection – 5 designs

Shhhhhhhhhh! Baby Sleeping

+ Shoe Bag (Scroll Down for your freebie)

Shop Early


Sign Language “I Love You”


+ Snow Fun

+ Snowflakes Are Kisses From Heaven

+ Soft Ball Mother & Father

So Much Fabric so little time


+ Socks (Scroll Down to find two freebies!)


+ Split designs collection – 3 designs

+ Spoiled Rotten (Scroll Down to find freebie)

Spoiling Is a Dirty Job

+ Sport Means

+ Sports


+ Sports Club

+ Spring Flowers

+ Star

+ Stars & Moon – after bath comes bedtime

+ Status

Stella Heaven Saying

Stella’s Christmas Message

Steph’s Kitchen

Steve’s Kitchen

Stitches by Nonna

Stop Sign

Student of the Year

Styled to Reduce Fire Danger

+ Summer

+ Summer Fun

Sunshine on my Shoulder

+ Surfing

Surrender the Chocolate

+ SWAK from… Designs 1

+ SWAK From… Designs 2

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams in Spanish

Tag made by nana

Tea for Two

Tea Lover

Tea Time

Tea With Thee


Tennis is my Racquet

Thank You Tag

Thank you!

Thank You!

+ The Best

The Best Things In Life

The Farmers Love Letter 1

The Farmers Love Letter 2

The Golden Years 1

The Golden Years 2

The Lovesick

The tassel’s worth the hassle!

Theatre Techie in Training

Things Will Get Better or Not 178 x 127mm

Things Will Get Better or Not 102 x 102mm

To Mom

To Mum

Toddler’s Job

Together Me and You


Too Cute to Spook

Too Sexy

Train So There Is No Pain



Unseen Saying – the best things in life are unseen

Roxy Design

+ Wash your hand, no seriously

Wasted Time – I don’t regret my past

Water Polo

We have added a Star to our family

Wedding 1

Wedding 2

Welcome 93 x 23mm

Welcome 140 x 35mm

+ Welcome Home Sampler

Welcome in my Garden

What a Girl Wants


Winter Wonderland

+ With Love Lettering

Word Love

World’s Best Ant

World’s Best Aunt With Ant – 8 Formats

World’s Best Daddy

World’s Best Grammy

World’s Best Gramps

World’s Best Grandad

World’s Best Grandma

World’s Best Grandpa

World’s Best Mommy

World’s Best Nana

World’s Best Uncle

World’s Best Uncle (Unkle)

World’s Best Unkle With Mouse

+ Worldbey Club

+ Yes


Your Mother Does Not Work Here 1

Your Mother Does Not Work Here 2

Your Name Here Kitchen

Yours 1

Yours 2

Zach in Soccer Ball Font

Zina’s Guest House

Zina’s House


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