Free Cathedral Window Pin Cushion

Sewing Project.

Cathedral window pin cushion

Make this fancy little pin cushion from scrappy bits. This is a lovely gift idea for any crafty person or be selfish and make one for your own sewing room.

It is so easy to make, but looks complicated! You can boast and look reaaallly clever, when in actual fact, (it was so super easy to craft!)

The (zipped) pdf tutorial is well illustrated and clear. (Author / Creator of this project: Unknown)

Download your FREE tutorial here

For this project you need:

(This is not listed in the tutorial, so I have listed your supplies below for you)

10.5 inch square piece of fabric (solid colour)

Cut a 9 x 9 inch cardboard square for your template

4.25 inch square piece of printed fabric

4 x small scrappy printed pieces

Backing fabric 7 inch square piece

Handful of toy stuffing (like this Premium Polyester Fibre Fill)

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Happy stitching!


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