FREE DIY Beach Robe Kimono Sewing Pattern

DIY Beach Robe Kimono Tutorial

DIY Beach Kimono
Designed and made by Helens Closet Patterns


I have added Helen’s pattern instructions to this post so you can follow it without leaving my site. You can also print this post if that is easier.

If you would like to see the original tutorial on Helen’s Closet Patterns, you can click on this link.

DIY Beach robe
Fabric dimensions for beach kimono
DIY beach robe kimono
Cutting instructions…
DIY beach robe kimono
Sewing instructions…
DIY beach robe kimono
Hemming instructions…


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Fabric suggestion:

Watercolour floral pattern on lightweight chiffon fabric
Watercolour floral pattern on lightweight chiffon fabric, available to buy from Amazon (paid link)


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Happy sewing…until next time!

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