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My HUGE list of FREE science home school education curriculum & resources - www.feddourlife.blog

Check out these free sites I found where you can explore the wonderful world of science!

This list below has links to sites from Preschool through to 12th Grade:

Teaching Pre School Science – a free science curriculum for early childhood (PreK-K)

Learning A – Z – you need to sign up to their free membership to view their units and download freebies (K-2)

Paso Partners – two-volume curriculum and resources guide developed by Paso Partners – a partnership of three public schools, an institution of higher education, and SEDL specialists. (K-5)

4-2-ExploreThis looks like a super little site with an A-Z directory of earth science, life science, physical science and air/space science topics. Each topic links to a lesson and includes links to videos and animations, PLUS loads of fun Experiments! (K-6)

MS Nucleus – Includes Curriculum lessons in Life Cycle, Applied Science, Universe Cycle, Water Cycle, Rock CyclePlate Tectonic Cycle. (K-6)

Biology 4 Kids – Cells, Microbes, Plants, Vertebrates, Invertebrates, Animal Systems (K-6). They also have Chem 4 KidsPhysics 4 KidsCosmos 4 Kids and Geography 4 Kids. (K-6)

Classic Science Life – a 36 week Life Science Textbook with Parent Copy!! (K-6)

Kids Biology – This site offers colourful free lessons in Human BiologyAnimals and Biology 101 The Basics. (K-6)

Kids Geology – This is in a similar format to Kids Biology above, offering Inside the Earth, Earth, Rocks & Land FormsIntro to ErosionExamine the Soil and Erosion by Water Processes. (K-6)

Design Squad – Hands-on activities and videos, including pdf downloadable workbooks. (Grades 3-6)

MS Nucleus (Secondary) – Physical ScienceHuman BiologyMath Integration into Science SubjectsEarth Science and Biological Science. (Secondary School)

Science Workbooks – Here you will find a looooong list of science workbooks!! (Grades 6-8)

CK12 Flexbooks – This site has guide books for Math (Grades 1-5, Arithmetic, Measurement, Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry, Calculus, Analysis), Science (Grade K-5, Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics), English (Writing and Spelling) and other subjects like Engineering, Technology, Astronomy, History (US), Health. 

Guest Hollow Free High School Curriculum & Physiology Curriculum – Some of this is still free, but I noticed that they have updated their curriculum, which you can view here. (Grades 9-12)

Khan AcademyYou can learn subjects like MATH, Science and Engineering, Computing, Arts & Humanities, Economics & Finance. So it’s not just a maths help site anymore!! (Grades 9-12)

MIT Open Courseware – For students and teachers (parents in our case!!) (High school 9-12)

Teach Engineering – STEM curriculum for K-12.

My HUGE list of FREE science home school education curriculum & resources - www.feddourlife.blog.png





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