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Free Chemistry Curriculum

FREE Chemistry Curriculum for Home School - lessons & activities -

As we are home schoolers, I am always on the prowl for good, free resources. There are many free worksheets and lesson plans and other ‘free’ stuff out there, but few have actual realistic and usable value.

Teaching chemistry has been one of those subjects that I’ve been stalling on. I mean, I didn’t study chemistry as a final subject at high school, so understanding all that complicated stuff AND having to teach Troy about it was a little daunting. Just seeing the work my daughter Skye, did for her finals, was scary…and I was nervous.

However, I recently found this Chemistry Curriculum for Middle School online from and written by the American Chemical Society, which we started using a couple of weeks ago, and I can honestly say, that it’s brilliant! It has been written for a mainstream school setting, referring to students and a class environment throughout, but you can easily adapt this to your home school situ.

Troy and I have been learning about atoms and the periodic table, and this guide explains everything so clearly, with a teacher section and student worksheet activity section. The practical experiments are simple and fun, and make learning about positive protons and negative electrons a lot more exciting than just reading about them and looking at diagrams in a standard textbook. They have links to interactive videos and animated diagrams, making it sooooo much easier for Troy (and me) to understand!

For any parent looking for a great addition to their chemistry curriculum, this is an absolute must. It is an incredible 700 pages long, so I haven’t printed the whole thing off yet. As we are studying atoms and the periodic table at the moment, I have only printed off these sections from the guide (chapter 4). The links seem to work fine, except for one, which I noticed went to an error page. Other than that very minor issue, so far, its been superbly informative and has made learning chemistry less daunting!

For all I know, this curriculum has been reviewed, rated and recommended many times before me, but wouldn’t know about that! All I know is that this is one helpful big little guide, which can be used by schools, home-schoolers, home educators and those looking for a revision guide. It ticks all the boxes. PLUS, its free. What a bonus.

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Free Chemistry Curriculum for Home School





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