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Free Chemistry Curriculum for Homeschool

FREE Chemistry Curriculum for Home School - lessons & activities -

Free Chemistry Curriculum for Homeschool

We are seasoned home schoolers so I am always on the prowl for good, free resources. There are many free worksheets and lesson plans and other ‘free’ stuff out there, but few have actual realistic and usable value.

Teaching chemistry to your children may seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be.

I have found this AMAZING resource Chemistry Curriculum for Middle School written by the American Chemical Society.

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This curriculum is also suitable for kids in the UK too!

I can honestly say, that it’s brilliant! It has been written for a mainstream school setting, referring to students and a class environment throughout, but you can easily adapt this to your home school situ.

There are teacher lesson plans and practical experiments which are simple and fun, and make learning about Chemistry so much easier and less daunting!

For any parent looking for a great addition to their chemistry curriculum, this is an absolute must.

It is an incredible 700 pages long, so I wouldn’t advise printing the whole thing off. I would suggest finding the topics your kids are interested in and printing off those chapters only, as you need them. OR just study each chapter off your laptop or tablet.

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Free Chemistry Curriculum for Home School

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Chemistry curriculum for homeschool

Free chemistry curriculum for homeschool

700+ activities and lessons for homeschool

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