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The Mega List of 700+ Pinterest Group Boards


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Dramatically boost your number of followers

Exponentially increase number of re-pins

Put your pinning virtually on auto-pilot

Increase engagement and create brand ambassadors

Use your Mega List of 700+ Pinterest Group Boards to go viral!

Product is a digital download: You will receive 1 file in doc.x format



Group Boards

A group board is a community board which has been created by somebody else and you can only pin on such boards if you have been invited to do so.

Why should you bother to join group boards?

87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.
72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline.
93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest.

Once you are accepted and invited to collaborate, then you can pin your pins to those group boards, which will increase your Pinterest followers, re-pins and general engagement. By being part of a group board, you will increase your exposure and visibility and it will be more likely that your pin will be pinned and repined more often. In turn, the idea is to increase the likelihood of more readers clicking through to your post, to an affiliate product, and making a purchase!

Key Benefits of Using Group Boards

Group boards are not only a great way to organize ideas and bring people together, but they can also have real tangible benefits for your brand and business.

#1. Dramatically boost your followers

If users select to “follow all” of any contributor’s boards, then they will be added as followers to a group board you are part of. The increased exposure and visibility you get through group boards will increase your follower growth at a faster rate.

#2. Exponentially increase the number of re-pins

The more followers you have the more likely they (and their followers) are to see your content, re-pin your pins and click through to your website. This means more traffic to your site and potentially more subscribers, customers and clients.

#3. Put your pinning virtually on autopilot

Implement this strategy correctly and you could get other people creating content for you.
Certainly at the start, Pinterest can be time-consuming but managed well, you could soon have a team of people perpetuating your content for you across their networks, for FREE!

#4. Increase engagement and create brand ambassadors

Your customers may already be liking, commenting and sharing your content with their followers on Pinterest. Invite them to pin to your brand’s group board and get them more engaged and involved in your online conversation.

Grab your Mega List of over 700+ Pinterest Group Boards today and save yourself time and money searching for them yourself. The list has been categorised by niche and listed in alphabetical order, to make your life simpler!

Download your Mega List now and start going viral!


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