Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards –

Your essential list of pinterest group boards and why you need to join as many as you can -

I’m thrilled that you are interested in exploring the wonderful world of Group Boards! So, what Are Group Boards, Exactly?
Pinterest group boards are just like regular Pinterest boards, but these boards provide a unique way to collaborate with fellow bloggers and online entrepreneurs by working together by exposing your posts to a wider audience. So a Group board is owned by one person who adds other pinners to that board.
Any time you follow someone’s account on Pinterest (and not just follow a few of their individual boards) you are also following all of the group boards they contribute to. So as you can imagine, group boards typically have a ton more followers than the average user has!
This will help you increase traffic to your blog and your links. Why? Because you are instantly increasing the scope of your Pinterest audience and as a result, increasing your subscribers and sales! The power of group boards is huge.

Why do Group Boards Matter?

Pinning Secrets, Pinterest Group Boards -

Briefly, re-pins are the secret. There are 3 options on how to interact with pins:

You can click through the pin to go to its destination,

You can re-pin it to one of your own boards,

Or, you can share the pin with someone else.

Whenever a pin is re-pinned to someone’s board, that re-pin count goes up by one. The algorithm in Pinterest then configures a re-pin rate for pinner. The higher a pinner’s re-pin rate, the better Pinterest will view them and the more their pins will get shown to other pinners.
With this understanding, it is obvious then, that if you want your pins to be re-pinned, you need to convince Pinterest to show your pins to more people. The trick here is this: it does not matter if the pin is your own, or someone else’s. When you pin or re-pin, and it gets re-pinned, it counts towards YOUR re-pin rate! A group board gains followers much faster than a regular board. When choosing a group board to collaborate with, check out their follower numbers. Even boards with low pin numbers but high follower numbers are perfect. Why? Because your potential audience will be all those followers plus all the followers of the collaborators! That is a ton of potential re-pins!

It would be obvious to pin to all your group boards as often as they allow.

Killer Strategies for finding the perfect Group Board:

Killer Strategies - Pinterest Group Boards -

1. Search for influencers in your niche to find out what group boards they’ve joined. Follow some of the group boards they collaborate on and ask to join them too!

2. Take advantage of your Pinterest analytics
One of the benefits of a Pinterest business account is Pinterest Analytics, which you can use to find more group boards.
Once you’re logged into Pinterest, click Analytics in the upper left, then People You Reach, then Interests. Toggle to Your Followers not All Audiences. Then scroll down to see Brands: Businesses Your Followers Engage.
Some of your results may be big companies, but most should be other people in your corner of the market who pin the same types of content you do.
Don’t waste the free analytics Pinterest puts at your fingertips! Find out who your followers engage, then check out the group boards they are part of!

3. Create your own group boards!

Can’t find group boards in your niche? Then create your own…Don’t be afraid to reach out and let others know that you have a new board which they can follow. Send a message or email through Pinterest, Etsy or Facebook, letting someone know that they would be an awesome contributor to your new group board. Say something like this, “Hi there, I’m {your name} from {your shop name / blog name}. I’ve noticed that there is a lack of group boards on this topic so I created one! I have followed you on Pinterest & Facebook and I’d love for you to join my new group board.” (Link directly back to the group boards to they can click straight to it)

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! It could result in huge pay-offs and the worst that they can do is say no.

*Tip: You can spot a group board by the circle with three profiles. The profile on the left is the owner.

The first thing is to find GOOD group boards to join. Therefore, I put together this list for you to save you time. Here, you will find more than 120+ group boards all organized into respective niches. There may be one or two duplicates (sorry!) so just make a note of who you are requesting to join.

How Do I Join These Group Boards?

How do I join? - Pinterest Group Boards -

Each Pinterest group board on this list may have specific instructions for joining. Most can just be found in the board description. You may have to email or DM the group board owner, or fill out a form they’ve created, in order to be added to the board.
Remember to respect any rules and regulations for the boards once you are invited!

TEMPLATE letter to join group boards:

Hi there {Name of Group Board Owner},

My name is {your Name} and I would love to join your {Group Board Name}. 

My Pinterest Profile URL is {your Pinterest URL} and my Pinterest email is {your Pinterest email that you signed up with – if you are not sure, then go to your Pinterest Profile Settings where you will find the email you signed up with}.

{Follow any other directions the group board specifies before requesting to join – for example, if the group board states that you must follow their Pinterest profile and Facebook page before requesting to join the group board, then do it. They will check! And mention that you have followed them on Pinterest and Facebook as requested in the email letter}

Thank you and have a lovely day!

{Your name}

Group Boards by Niche - Pinterest Group Boards -

Fashion Bloggers
Affordable Fashions
Beauty Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers
Blogger Style
Casual Outfits
City Chic
Eco-friendly Fashion
Fashion Bloggers | How We Wore It
Fashion Bloggers We Love
Fashion – Fall and Winter Outfit Ideas
Female Fashion Bloggers
Life + Style Bloggers
Sophisticated Style Group Board
Street Style Outfits
The Weekly Style Edit
Top Style Bloggers

Women’s Fashion Group
A Fashion Group Board
All Things Fashion // Group Board
Badass Style – Group Board
Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers (Group Board)
Fashion & Style {Group Board}
Fashion Bloggers Group Board
Fashion Bloggers Group Board
Fashion Group Board
Fashion Group Board!:)
Fashion(group board)
F A S H I O N I N F O – group board
Fashion inspiration! Group board
Fashionista Bloggers Group Board
Group Board Jewelry, Fashion, Beauty
{group} fashion
~Group FASHION Board~
In Wardrobe
The Exclusive Fashionista Group Board
Women’s Fashion – Group Board
Your Life Styled
Affordable Fashions
Beauty Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers
Blogger Style
Casual Outfits
City Chic
Eco-friendly Fashion 
Fashion & Beauty Bloggers 
Fashion Bloggers | How We Wore It 
Fashion Bloggers We Love 
Fashion – Fall and Winter Outfit Ideas 
Female Fashion Bloggers 
Life + Style Bloggers
Sophisticated Style Group Board 
Street Style Outfits 
Style Outfit Design Fashion Polyvore Shopping Loves 
The Weekly Style Edit 
Top Style Bloggers
WEAR- Outfits
Women’s Outfit 

The Mega List of Pinterest Group Boards

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Beauty Bloggers
Beauty Bloggers Board #bbloggers
Beauty Bloggers Group Board
Beauty Community Board for Makeup and Skincare Recommendations, Reviews, and More
Our Favorite Beauty Tips & Tutorials

Beauty – Group Board
Beauty & Hair & Nails – A Group Board
Beauty & Style Blogs Group Board
Beauty Bloggers (Group Board)
Beauty Bloggers {Group Board}
Beauty Board
Beauty Tips
Beauty Tips & Hacks Group Board
Healthy Hair Care (Group Board)
Makeup & Beauty Group Board
Makeup, Hair And Beauty – How Tos
Style & Beauty Bloggers | Group Board
[beauty] products 
Beauty & Hair Tips 
Beauty Bloggers
Beauty Bloggers Group Board 
Best Beauty Community 
Beauty – Share Your Best 
EcoFriendly Beauty & DIY Bath & Beauty Products 
-Everything Beauty – 
Hair and Beauty 
Hair Styles, Hair Cuts, and How tos 

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Travel Bloggers
A Traveler’s World #TravelStruck
Around the Globe Travel
Best Places to Visit Europe
Beautiful Places & Travel Plan
Dream Destinations
Europe Travel Tips
Europe Travel Wonders
Explore the World
FTB Nomads in North America
Girls Gone Global
Let There Be Travel
Luxury Traveler
Map Your Insider Travels
Top Travel Tips
Travel Advice by Travel Bloggers
Travel Bloggers Corner
Travel Bucket List
Travel Pinspiration
Travel Stories
Travel Tips & Advice
Traveler’s Corner
Traveling with Kids
TripHobo | Best Travel Destinations

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DIY & Craft Bloggers

Sewing Group Board – FeedOurLife (my Group Board I would love you to join!)

Blogger Crochet Patterns We Love
Craft Community Board
Craft Group Board
Creative DIY’s & Crafts
Crochet Blogger Inspiration
Cute Crochet Corner
DIY Holiday Ideas
DIY House Beautiful
DIY Projects and Ideas
DIY Tutorials
DIY Tutorials: Easy DIY & Craft Projects
Everything DIY
Free Blogger’s Crochet Patterns
Sewing tutorials and tips

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Food Bloggers
A Taste of Vegan
All Kinds of Brownies
Appetizers & Snacks
Bloggers Amazing Good Eats, Yummy Treats & Heavenly Sweets Recipes…
Cooking Tips and Recipes from the Real Cooks
Delicious gluten free recipes
Dessert & Sweet Treats
Easy Family Friendly Desserts
Favorite Blogger Recipes Group Board
Food Bloggers Group Board
Gluten-Free Mains & More
Healthy Snack Recipes
Holiday Recipes & Ideas
Hungry Bloggers: Our Favorite Recipes
Low Carb Recipe Exchange
Summer Treats
Vegan Family Recipes

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Mom Bloggers
All Things Parenting
Art & Craft Ideas for Children
Boss Moms
Business and Blogging Tips for Moms
Fearless Mompreneurs
Kiddo Bedrooms
Kids Crafts
Mom Blogger Roundup
Money Saving Mom – Group Board
Mummy Blogger Posts
Summer Vacation Boredom Busters

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Business Bloggers

Bloggers Share Tips Group Board – FeedOurLife (My group board I would love you to join!)

Boss Babe Blog Tips
Creative Biz Tribe
Biz & Blogging Group Board
Blog + Biz Tips
Blog and Business Tips
Blog Babes Group Board
Blogging & Online Business Tips
Blogging for Business
Branding and Business Tips
Branding Your Creative Biz
Creative Bloggers & Biz Owners
Creative Biz Babes
Freelance Fierce
Infopreneur Resources // Creative Entrepreneurs
Pinvolve // Pinterest Business Community
Small Biz & Startup Tips
Social + Creative Biz Tips
Social Media Marketing for Bloggers & Creative Entrepreneurs
Social Media Mavens | Group Board
Social Media Superstars
Solopreneur Strategy Group Board
Solopreneur Success
Writing, Blogging, + Biz Tips
Blogging Tips, Tricks, and Advice

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Lifestyle Bloggers
Blogging Buddies
Bloggers Gonna Blog
Coffee Loving Bloggers
Life Well Loved
Lifestyle Bloggers Group Board
Bloggers United

*****700+Pinterest Group Boards*****

Home School

Home School Group Board – FeedOurLife (my group board I would love you to join!)

Your essential list of Pinterest Group Boards and why you need to join them -

Happy pinning & re-pinning!
P.S. Want to learn the same strategies I use for getting a ton of traffic to my blog through Pinterest? Check out the Pinteresting Strategies e-book written by Carly of Mommy on Purpose. Learn how she has grown her blog to 200k+ monthly page views and $5,000+ per month all from Pinterest! Well worth the read!

The Mega List of 700+ Pinterest Group Boards can be purchased for the low cost of $9.99 here. I took several weeks to compile this huge list which you can now download in Word format. I have found my list so easy to use and navigate, making it MUCH easier for me to keep track of which boards I plan to join and those I have joined already. Arranged in alphabetical order, each niche has tons of Group Boards listed within it. The following niches are covered in my E-book – Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Business, Pinterest, Finance, Writing, Beauty, Fitness, Health, Fashion, Travel, DIY, Crafts, Food, Home Décor, Parenting, Mom Blogs & Education/Home School.

The Mega List of Pinterest Group Boards

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