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Pinteresting Strategies - how I went from 0-200k page views with manual pinning
Pinteresting Strategies E-book comes highly recommended

Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell

Carly has written a frank and concise little e-book, documenting how she grew her monthly page views to her blog from 0 to 200k, using manual Pinterest pinning methods.

And there is no Boardbooster or Tailwind in sight. Just manual pinning.

I was a little sceptical at first because everywhere you look in blogland, everyone and their dog is promoting Boardbooster or Tailwind. Buy a scheduler they all shout. It will increase your monthly viewer count and blog page views!

However, Carly explains in her e-book that sometimes using a scheduler can actually hinder your growth instead of increase it.

She knows this because she threw herself into learning everything she could about Pinterest and its algorithm. FYI. Her blog is only a year old and after just 7 months of launching it, she received 200k page views per month from Pinterest alone.

She reluctantly decided to write this e-book because there were already so many other books and courses on Pinterest pinning strategies and she felt that hers would just get lost among the rest.

She didn’t think it would sell. Ever.

But she was so totally wrong. In the first year she sold over 1500 copies!

Pinteresting Strategies - how I went from 0-200k page views using manual techniques

And she does not advertise.

All word of mouth.

She actually prefers NOT to hard-sell her e-book. So if you want it, you can get it here.

She is currently getting 20-30,000 page views PER DAY using her strategies mentioned in her e-book. This book is completely different to any other strategy available for sale elsewhere.

I can vouch for that too. I bought her e-book with the intention of just gaining more insight into the Pinterest back office, without realizing that it could seriously increase my blog traffic to new heights. And, although still slow, my blog is gaining new followers everyday, with an increase of viewers hitting over 10,000 as of a week ago. Although steady, my page views keep increasing. And when I don’t implement the strategy (as you can see before and after the 8th of May) my viewer stats are down! Coincidence? I think not.

Feed Our Life monthly page views directed from Pinterest
Viewer stats as of 08 May 2018 is 10,836


So, as you can see I am proof that her strategies are working in real life!

I am here to promote her book, maybe not by word of mouth, but by blogging it out there because I feel everyone should read it!! Stop wasting your cash on courses that all offer the same info or paying for information that you can find yourself for free.

This. Is. A. Book. Worth. Every. Little. Penny.

From me: “Thank you Carly! I love your e-book and hope to finish implementing, with earnest,  all the tips and tricks you have so painstakingly set out and continue to learn your Basic Pinning Technique (and have a bash at your advanced techniques)“.

If you would like to read buyer reviews of her book then click here.

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Pinterest strategies - how I went from 0-200k page views with manual pinning
Pinteresting Strategies E-book


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